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Excellent TV signal delivery through adequate infrastructure & powerful equipment.


Enjoy Live Tv, Radio and tons of VOD cap with High-speed Internet access that is always on & fast.

Mobile Tv

We are so keen to giving you mobile and SMARTeXperience while you enjoy Live Tv, Radio on the go, you won't be charged data from your phone.

1Box STBoxes

Wide range of quality TV boxes as well as the mobile ones. You can only BeLimitless™
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1Box Network promises top notch service delivery of SMARTeXperience, Watch your favourite TV shows on the go via 1Box Mobile TV Device. Rewind, pause and catch up on your favourite TV programme in over 40 Live TV Channels and tons of VOD library.

We are making radio stations a cross boundaries phenomenon, with 1Box SmartRadio you will listen to Lagos stations in Kastina.

We are intentional about this Innovation and project. We will not sleep on bicycle!!

Tons or Radio/TV channels on your palm, All we want to do is to make you enjoy life at its peak with hi-tech innovation that will dazzle your mind with almost free subscription without mandatory contract.

1BoxNetwork (Tv, Radio, VODs, Broadband) BeLimitLess™

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Pay/view + awesome internet access
You can join thousands of people who have preodered our devices and STBoxes…

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Best Value Bundles

TV + Internet

Player Bundle

  • 150+ channels
  • Catch Up & On Demand
  • Made for 1-4 devices
TV + Internet + Phone

TV Combo Bundle

  • 150+ channels
  • Catch Up & On Demand
  • Made for 1-4 devices
TV + Internet + Phone

Full House Bundle

  • 150+ channels
  • Catch Up & On Demand
  • Made for 1-4 devices
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Great Reasons to Choose 1BoxNetwork

Content developers can own their channel/VOD portal and control what viewers watch per time tho we are bringing 13Home made standard TV channels upon launch together with over 30 international live TVs.


Quick Response

We pledge high-quality customer support service with adequate DIY funtionalities & user forum with 24/7 staff engagements across boards. We will always walk with you.

All Entertainment in 1Box

We are working tirelessly to bring you SMARTeXperience on all services and devices we produce, You will enjoy Radio on the Go without be restricted to a certain region, Enjoy fun family nights and loud friends parties at your place! 1BoxNetwork provides excellent entertainment.
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  • Music Channels Available Now
  • Fashion News Reports
  • Discovery Channel Available
  • Family Weekend Programs
  • The Largest Movie Selection!
  • Family TV Bundle Coming Soon
  • Sports Games Season Soon
  • Meeting Animals Coming Soon
  • Business & Marketing News
  • Informational Podcasts Soon
  • Children's World Available
  • Game Night Coming Soon
  • The best sightseeing tours & activities
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